Logistics Industry Solutions

E-BILL System is an international freight forwarding solution, it can help companies to achieve centralized group management. The system uses a centralized management model, the headquarter set up data management center and the sub-company realize the local business operations, all the final summary of business data and financial data is aggregated to the headquarters for centralized management and centralized control to meet basic international freight forwarding enterprise's data management, business process management, decision support, financial management requirements, while providing a powerful statistical analysis.

Through the Internet, the solution provide a global data transfer between each branch, include data collection, shipment off-site, off-site signing, center/ branch financial processing functions, etc.

In addition, myPricing system can help the logisitcs sales to access and manage real-time pricing information anywhere and anytime. By myPricing system, you can offer a professional online quotation to your customer within tens of seconds, truly improve the work efficiency.

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