E-BILL System - The MIS of international freight forwarder
1. Overview
  E-BILL System provide the IT total solution for modern logistics industry, and all the technology are web-based. Once the data input to the System, the Shipping Order, Shipping Advice, Telex Release, Cargo Receipt, In-Warehouse Notice, Arrival Note, Deliver Note, Trucking Detail, Trucking Notice, Customs Notice, House B/L, Master B/L, HAWB, MAWB, Invoice, Debit Note, Voucher, Credit Note, Profit/Loss, Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher, Statement, Stat. Report and Analysis Report, etc.. all the relevant documents will be generated automatically.
  Any feature can be customized or re-designed, any additional feature can be added, each freight forwarder operates slightly differently, E-BILL system is designed to be modified to meet each customer's requirements.
2. Key Functions and Features
  E-BILL System provides complete Air, Ocean, Road, Import, Export, FCL, LCL and Consolidation...
  • Easy-to-use and user friendly, lower training cost for new employees, lower employee stress and turnover
  • Web based solution and Internet Explorer is ok for client
  • No double typing/single entry reduce error, greater accuracy and data integrity
  • Anytime, anywhere, all partners including Agent, Shipper, Consignee, Trucking Company, etc. can real-time access to data & tracking latest information while login their user name & password, no more individual email, fax etc…
  • All document can be printed, sent by email or they can be exported to Excel, PDF, XML.., even online download by your partner directly via the system and no-paper to work
  • Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Mining
  • Multi-User, Multi-Branch, Multi-Currency
  • A/C Receivable, A/C Payable, Write-off, Account information is clear at a glance
  • Online Booking and Shipping Advice
  • File Archives
  • ...
  Stat. & Analyse
  • Allows you to generate various reports, such as Partner Statement, Profit/Lost Report, A/C Receivable and A/C Payable Report...
3. Flow chart
4. System requirement
  Server side: Windows, Linux, Unix..., Client side: Internet Explorer 6 or later.
5. Topological diagram
6. Online Demo
  For Online Demo inquiry, Please send us the Email.
7. Contact
  Email: supportyou@126.com
myPricing - Logistics Pricing System
1. myPricing.net Website - A Pricing Exchange Tool.
  By registering as a new user, you accept without restriction the user terms and you will be granted access to our online business services. You can manage and release your Pricing, view or download reports with detailed data.
2. myPricing System - Your Online Pricing Management.
  myPricing System is a software application that allow users to access and manage the most updated real-time pricing information of the company with ease at anytime and anywhere, and enables offices in different locations to access the selling/buying rates steadily, All you need is only an Internet Explorer to run the solution which is convenient and speedy, the one-time installation of our system in your server and don't need install on each client workstation.
  myPricing System is a pricing management solution for freight forwarder, logistics and transportation industries including sea, air, land and so on. You can on-line through the CRM system provide or promotion a strong and professional quotation to your customers.
3. Flow chart
5. Online Demo
  For Online Demo inquiry, Please send us the Email.
6. Contact
  Email: supportyou@126.com
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